• Save Money With Solar Power
  • Add Value To Your Property
  • Solar Rebates And Tax Incentives
  • Do Your Part, Go Green!

Solar panels can be a great investment for any household that consumes a lot of electricity. By installing a solar panel system on top of your roof, you will increase the value of your home and decrease what you pay on your monthly electric bill.

There are more up-sides to installing solar panels to your home then there are downsides. For one, you reduce your carbon foot print, which is especially appealing if you are worried about your impact on the environment. The energy you use from your solar panel is green and clean. You’re not only going to help the environment, but you’ll be part of a great community that believes is sustainable living.

Los Angeles weather is also great for solar panels, because of its hot summers and great weather all year around. Solar panels also require very little maintenance from the homeowner and you almost never have to worry about additional costs once your panels are installed.

How solar panels work is that there are a group of photovoltaic cells that need sunlight to produce energy. These cells work by absorbing the sun and converting the light into useable energy for your household. By simply generating your own power, you can save on your electric bill.

Keep in mind that now more than ever before energy prices increase almost every year. When you install solar panels, you’re really saving yourself from being affect by inflation or price increases. For the most part, electric companies use oil to help provide energy into your home and we all know oil and gas prices have increased drastically since 2008. It’s only a matter of time where these prices are going to get worse based on how difficult it will become to access oil.

We offer quality solar panel products for all of our Los Angeles customers. We provide great remodeling solutions for your home and can even help rewire your home in such away that your bathroom and kitchen water are heated using your new solar panel system. Feel free to give us a call at any time so that we can help you setup your solar panel system or give you a free quote on the project!