You don’t have to have a purely functional-looking retaining wall added to your home. In fact, there are many design options you can choose from when it comes to building a study retaining wall. Although a retaining wall may look simple, they are actually carefully designed structures that help hold back soil and fight gravity. They can help transform an unusable space into a beautiful backyard or prevent your house’s foundation from sliding away.

You can add a retaining wall to help prevent your lawn from looking uneven or have ugly sinkholes, that will reduce your property value, from appearing. A strong retaining wall can help stabilize a slope. Create an interesting and dramatic landscape or hardscape look. Prevent or control soil erosion and save you from any flooding damage.

When our experts are on site, we will conduct a small site analysis and explain to your our findings and our best construction approach to your problem. We may have different options for you to choose from in order to solve the problem because every house has different needs. When installing your retaining wall, we build in proper draining systems, add correct dimensions, and create a strong design that will not crack, lean, or bulge in the future.

The good thing is that there are a lot of material options for the home owner to choose from and can style their home in a way that looks appealing and beautiful. We offer our clients different shapes, colors, and texture while still providing the functionality needed to keep your house’s structure safe and secure. Some of the material you can choose from are wood, natural stone, block, bricks, concrete, and more. We are more than happy to help provide assistance in case you need an extra opinion on what style you’d like for your home.

We are located in the Los Angeles area and are happy to attend to our Los Angeles residents. Feel free to contact us and help you add in a gorgeous retaining wall that will last years to come. We are more than happy to give you a free consultation and enforce your house. Feel free to check out our other services and see how we can help you.