A crack in your foundation can create your windows and doors to stick out and look uneven. In fact, you may notice that your sheet rock or your floors are starting to look a bit wavy too. Whenever this occurs it’s important to call a professional right away. Sometimes the house needs to be re-leveled or a new slab of foundation needs to be re-formed to prevent your house from any further damage.

When it comes to foundation repair we can help with raising the house, deliver a proper water drainage system, waterproofing your home, or help enforce the block and base of your house. In fact, waterproofing a foundation can really do wonders to your home.

We usually waterproof a home by applying sealant to the exterior foundation walls and pay extra attention to areas that might be more prone to any leaks and seepage. We can prevent crawl space foundations from being damaged by water and prevent ground water from seeping in through the base of your home. We will also ensure the home has enough of a slope so that we can safely drain the water as far away as possible from the house and prevent any further damage from occurring.

In order to have a secure home, you must have a safe and strong foundation to work with. Older homes built in Los Angeles might have a damaged foundation base that needs to be renewed or strengthened. The reason this happens is that your home as a whole is a very heavy structure and, with enough time, this can have a lot of costly effects on the soil.

The heavy weight and high moisture levels can deform the soil and cause your home to shift. If you have an older home, there is a chance that it was built on substandard soil and builders did not consider how the soil would be able to handle the extra weight. Whenever this happens to your home, it’s important not to take any shortcuts in fixing the problem. It can be dangerous and it could end up costing you more money than you initially hoped to save.

When we evaluate your home, we take into consideration all the possible options to help prevent or completely repair the damage. We will talk to you about your various options and from there work with you within your budget range to help solve the problem. Sometimes, all we need to do in order to secure your home is prevent any more moisture to seep into your foundation base and we do not have to do a full reconstruction on your home’s foundation.

Feel free to contact us at any time for an evaluation on your home. We are happy to service any of our Los Angeles clients and help fix any foundation problems that might be occurring in your home.